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  2. Thanks guys. Plato - I don't see any links to Discord on the forums, granted my vision is shit LOL
  3. You can also find download links on our Wiki, but it is still a work in progress so not complete yet. http://www.wiki.uohybrid.com/index.php?title=Main_Page However, as Plato mentioned, I recommend joining our Discord server as there is additional help channels specifically for any issues you might encounter while using Veritas.
  4. Hey! Join us in discord you can find the link on the forums here on the very bottom and to the right. All the download links are in our discord.
  5. Been gone a few years - not quite sure what is going on with these random UOG websites (seems to be a few out there?) - where can I download the Veritas client? Gotta say the bare website doesn't inspire the urge to want to return with how bare / dead it is
  6. Earlier
  7. Okay awesome! Good to know just in case it happens to anyone else.
  8. Yup .... I fixed it , my Razor was out dated updated it and everything is good now
  9. Just using razor and the uo classic client
  10. So since returning I notice I can't unequipt items weapons/AR from my paperdoll not even with a arm/disarm macro .... what's the fix to this, kinda annoying
  11. Hail friends, Lord British is calling upon all of his militias to retake the City of Cove that was sacked by Kobold Raiders.... April-May Month Long Event Details and Updates!! -Objective: Retake the City of Cove that was sacked By the Kobold Faction. -Each Kobold Raider MoB Has a % Chance to Drop this Months Event Currency. -Collect the Event Currencies to redeem at a later date for great rewards. -All Previous Phobia Event Tokens will be Redeemable through this months Event. All event currencies are 1:1 except for the scavenger ingots that will be 3:1 due to how many exist. We Hope @everyone Enjoys!! From The UOHybrid Team
  12. Message me in discord and I'll help you recover your accounts.
  13. hello forgot my username and passwords..anyone help me gain my accounts back even though i cant log into the game at all please? thanks!!!
  14. He sent me a message on discord and was able to get this resolved.
  15. mightymouse what # afterwards?
  16. Returning after 5 years of not playing running into a login authenticate error on razor for some reason. anybody know how to help?
  17. DruHawk you can message me on here in private or send me a DM on Discord with any information you can provide regarding your account and I will help you recover it. Once you are able to login to the account, you can type [account in game to bring up a menu which will allow you to reset your password.
  18. How do you get in game to type password if you forgot your password?
  19. Wow...good thing I took the time to read your post in full. I saw the thread linked on Discord and I thought you were a bot and was about to delete the thread lol Welcome back!
  20. There definitely still is! I'd recommend joining our Discord server as well if you haven't already. A good portion of trades take place on there.
  21. thank you its been an awesome return so far, just to let ya know alot of friendly people playing still 🙂
  22. Vividos is my name (Vanilla.Cake) Now. returned after 5 year hiatus anyone sees me come and chat, im open to any adventure
  23. Yes, reds can enter guardzone however they cannot use the bank or attack players unless they were attacked first. If the red attacks a blue player first, they will still be guard whacked. Criminals/greys are allowed in town as well but committing a criminal action will allow guards to be called on them or get guard whacked. If no one is around to call and they loot a blue body, they will become criminal and guards will be able to be called on them for a short duration. So basically, anyone is allowed in guard zones. Committing any criminal act though will allow guards to be called upon you or get instant guard whacked. We're very happy to have you back! As I said before, I recommend joining our Discord server. Players in there are usually more than happy to help with anything you might need.
  24. Thanks for the fast answer. So Reds can run inside the guardzone as they will nowdays? But criminals(grey status, lets say for looting ones body) will still get whacked by guards, or? The server seems quite nice and active, thanks for that! I'm actually quite amazed that it's still running after all these years. To be honest, I haven't been playing any MMORPG after hybrid, I kinda feel like a small excited kid again, har! :)
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