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Publish 11-27-2019

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Hello @everyone


This week we will be introducing pet leveling and pet skill gems and Rift changes!

As for the Rifts changes go the spawn in each rift has been in some cases drastically reduced. You should no longer see more than 90-95 mobs. If we need to lower this more to reduce the amount of time then we will.

All pets will be able to be leveled up. Once you tame them they will have a max level of 5-15. Each level gives them a trait point of which you can use to increase their stats! Once past level 10 you will be given two trait points for each level. Harder the monster you kill the more experience you will gain!



As I mentioned before skill gems! Currently there are three different gems. One that has a chance to give more gold on a kill and another that has a chance to give more hybrid coins. These gems have a 35% chance to drop off a rift boss and 2% chance to drop of a dungeon boss. In order to apply the gem just drag and drop it on your pet.

These two gems have a level requirement of 5. They also have a 15% chance to reward you with your extra loot. The amount you receive depends on how hard the monster is.

Then we have the Poison Strike gem that gives the Cu'Sidhe a new ability. 

Poison strike has a chance to poison your target (only monsters). The level of initial damage and poison level depend on the current level of your pet. Your pet must be level 10 to obtain this skill. It has a 10% chance to trigger on a melee attack.


Levels 10-11 does lesser poison and 10-15 extra damage.

Level 12 does regular poison and 15-30 damage

Level 13 does greater poison and 30-50 damage

Level 14-15 does deadly poison and 50-60 extra damage.





If you have any other gem/ability ideas on mind please feel free to share them with me on discord!

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