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Jarvis: Ultimate Storage System

New Achievement & Titles System

Publish 02-15-20

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Some of these things have been implemented before today but were not announced.

Bug fixes: 

Fixed a bug related to a artifact weapon causing the server to crash.
Fixed a bug with the animal lore gump.
Fixed a bug causing Miners Apron to give you bones upon cutting the apron.

Fixed a bug related to ethereal pigments causing the server to crash.



Changed it to where the Pet Pigments can be used on any pet.

Added the Hybrid Dragon to the monster contract pool.



If a mount get paralyzed hopping on it will no longer remove the paralyze. You must either wait the paralyze timer out or it must have damage done to it in order for it to be free again.


Server Upgrade:

We upgraded the server tonight to add on an SSD for the server to run to and increased the amount of cores/ram we are using. Hopefully we will see a increase of performance from this.


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