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April-May Month Long Event !!

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Hail friends, Lord British is calling upon all of his militias to retake the City of Cove that was sacked by Kobold Raiders....

April-May Month Long Event Details and Updates!!

-Objective: Retake the City of Cove that was sacked By the Kobold Faction.
   -Each Kobold Raider MoB Has a % Chance to Drop this Months Event Currency.
         -Collect the Event Currencies to redeem at a later date for great  rewards.
               -All Previous Phobia Event Tokens will be Redeemable through this months Event.

All event currencies are 1:1 except for the scavenger ingots that will be 3:1 due to how many exist.

         We Hope @everyone Enjoys!!
            From The UOHybrid Team

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