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So you want to make a JARVIS?

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The JARVIS dungeon is on the first level, far back left corner of Blackthorns's castle.


This dungeon cannot be recalled into or out.  Only way in or out is through Blackthorn's castle.


Once inside the dungeon, you'll find it full of traps.  Blade, saws, poison and so forth(you know, usual dungeon stuff).  Also calling this place home are a diverse group of creatures call experiments alongside: mages, technicians, zeons of exodus and Stratos.


Experiments followed by a "#.#" are regular spawns and usually a little tougher than their counter part experiments followed by "###-letter".  Experiments like the one pictured 30-k are randomly generated(name and creature) and spawn through out the dungeon whereas experiment 9.7 will always be the same type and spawn in the same location.  


 Killing creatures in the dungeon, will net you the usual goodies(gold, weapons, etc.) however, they will also drop ingredient scrolls(3 different types: Orange(Chassis schematic scroll), Green(Powercore schematic scroll), and Purple(Fluid schematic scroll) and on occasion nanobtyes, power crystals and arcane gems.  All important parts of the JARVIS build process. Killing Stratos(or potentially 5 other bosses I haven't seen) will randomly drop unfinished JARVIS parts and  the Plate of the Colossus a special PVM only armor.



Once you start collecting the scrolls you will need a character with inscription and a scribes pen. You'll notice the scrolls say undisturbed.  Put it in your bag and double click it with your scribe character and it will decipher the scroll showing part of the instructions and which step in the instruction. You need to decode the scrolls until you get all 10 steps on a handful of scrolls of each color/type(Orange scrolls with steps 1-10, Green scrolls with steps 1-10 and Purple scrolls with steps 1-10).  Now we are going to combine them with our scribe.  In order to do this you need: A scribes pen and at the very least 70 charged nanobytes.  Scrolls have an option to have multiple steps on them ranging from 1-3.  Start with a scroll that already has three(3) steps.  The reason for this, is that every time you inscribe a new step onto the list it costs 10 charged nanobytes per inscription. If you started with a scroll with only one(1) step, it's going to cost you 90 charged nanobytes to fill it with the rest of the steps.  You will need at least 210 Charged nanobytes to complete all three(3) scrolls(70 per scroll).


Here you can see what the menu looks like when you start combing scrolls.  The top scroll was a 3 step scroll that I clicked the inscribe button which brings up a targeting cursor.  Target a scroll that you want to add and you end up here.  The lower right shows the cost (once again 10 per step transfer) which would cost me 20 in this case. If you have a scroll with duplicate steps they will show up as red and you don't get charged for duplicates.  Rinse and repeat until you have all ten steps added for each schematic. If this is your first time completing a scroll, you will get this little notification and unlock an achievement(Schematic Type-A, Type-B and Type-C for each of the types of scrolls). Check your bank box.  You'll find a reward.



Your scribes work here is done and a damn fine job they did!

Once again if this was your scribes first time doing this you should now have three(3) unfinished parts needed to make JARVIS. 

It's time to finish them.  Each item needs a specialist. 

An alchemist @ 100 for the unfinished fluid.

A tinker @ 100 for the unfinished powercore. 

Last but not least a Blacksmith @ 120 for the chassis(@100 skill you have a 25 percent chance to fail and destroy the chassis).

The path to completion is basically the same for each item so I'll be doing the fluid in this example. Lets open that completed fluid schematic and see what we need/need to do. Remember every instance of charged nanobytes requires 10.  The fluid schematic calls out three(3) different steps in which we need charged nanobtyes. Then bring along all the reagents listed, 30 charged nanobytes, the unfinished fluid item and a mortar and pestle(make sure you have one). Take note at the bottom of the image below that states the chance to destroy the item, needed skill and skill points of the character.


Now we return to the JARVIS dungeon and got to the East most chamber where we find Gary.  We don't need to talk to Gary yet.  What we need from him, is his crafting stations.  For the fluid you will need to stand at one of the alchemist stations.  Chassis you will need to stand at a forge, Powercore at a tinkering station.


If you are using a pure mule ie lots of crafting abilities, you are made invulnerable while in the area and can't attack or be attacked. I would do a test run and see if your character meets the requirements or plan accordingly. Once you are at the correct station go ahead and double click the item you are going to finish. With that window open, we just go down the list(top is the first step). In the case of the unfinished fluid, select add ginseng and then hit okay, add blood moss and hit okay. You follow all the way down to step ten and the item is completed. It will become blessed.  So make sure it is in your main bag on the way out or one of those handy blessed bags of holding.  Rinse and repeat for the remaining unfinished items. 

For the power core, you will need the one(1) power crystal and one(1) arcane gem per call out. You will need a total of four(4) power crystals, two(2) arcane gems and 20 charged nanobytes. Not sure if tinker tools are required but I had a set with me.

For the chassis you will just need a blacksmith hammer in your bag and 20 charged nanobytes.  I took 5 hammers but it didn't consume them.  It may have used some charges but I didn't check how many charges each had when I completed the item.


Once you have completed all three(3) items, it is time to talk to Gary.  Click on Gary and click the 'Talk' option in the menu and he will handle the rest.  He takes the items and loads them into his machine, pulls some levers, twists some knobs, and if all goes well....a JARVIS unit appears before going into deed form in your bag.



Congrats! You've done it. You now have your very own JARVIS.


Here are the completed list for all three(3) scrolls.


To complete the scrolls and JARVIS item requirements, you will need at least 280 charged nanobytes. 210 for scrolls and 70 for ingredient requirements.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

I will be adding more pictures of the final steps once I finish up another JARVIS.

Big thanks to Buzz Kill for helping verify information.

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A new challenger has entered the dungeon!  Where as Stratos was the only one I'd ever seen, this is one of the other six bosses of the dungeon.  Stratos seemed to always favor the north east corner where as Voidinian here prefers the south west corner in the adjacent room to experiments 7.1 and 5.1


Also, with this boss change it appears to reconfigure these pylons.  The amount of broken vs active have changed. IF that is the case, then the moment you enter the dungeon you would know which boss you were looking for and potentially where to find them.  I'll update as I learn more.

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Butt and Ugly decided to have a kid and guess what? Bowelrot was that kid. Seems to favor hanging out right inside the entrance on the southwest side.



Entrance pylons at the time Bowelrot was found in the dungeon.



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adding in pylon picture
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