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  1. Hey! Join us in discord you can find the link on the forums here on the very bottom and to the right. All the download links are in our discord.
  2. Okay awesome! Good to know just in case it happens to anyone else.
  3. Message me in discord and I'll help you recover your accounts.
  4. He sent me a message on discord and was able to get this resolved.
  5. This week we added [combattext this gives you the ability to change the settings for combat text above players head. Also upgraded the server to C#7 .Net framework 4.7.2. Removed the [e puke item that was blocking players.
  6. Hello everyone, We have quite the list of things happening this week I hope you all enjoy it! Bug fixes: Added cloth to MOTM loot table for march. You can now join factions regardless of count (Not really a bug). When you shrink a battle steed / view it in the animal lore gump it should now show the correct picture/item. Mailboxes will now honor the security that they are set to. Items: Bulk Order Books item count has been drastically reduced. Added new deeds to allow light source items such as lanterns candles etc to have spell channeling. Added a new deed to increase the character slot count of an account. Overhead Combat Text: When you heal or deal damage to another player / monster you will now see how much you healed them for or how much damage you did to them. This is only visible to you and the player you did it to. Green text is a heal red text is damage. Pet Leveling System and Skill Gems: A lot has happened here. You can no longer drag and drop a skill gem onto a pet in order to apply it. You must now double click on the skill gem and a gump will pop up showing you all the information of that skill gem and allow you to add it to your pet. A example of this will be show bellow. Three new skill gems have been added. Poison Immune Skill Gem: AoE lightning Skill Gem: Raise Undead Skill Gem: Along with these three skill gems you can also open a popup for your pets experience that will show you your pets experience in real-time. As always if there is any issues with any of these things please do not hesitate to let a staff member know! Thank you, Hybrid Staff
  7. Some of these things have been implemented before today but were not announced. Bug fixes: Fixed a bug related to a artifact weapon causing the server to crash. Fixed a bug with the animal lore gump. Fixed a bug causing Miners Apron to give you bones upon cutting the apron. Fixed a bug related to ethereal pigments causing the server to crash. Items: Changed it to where the Pet Pigments can be used on any pet. Added the Hybrid Dragon to the monster contract pool. General: If a mount get paralyzed hopping on it will no longer remove the paralyze. You must either wait the paralyze timer out or it must have damage done to it in order for it to be free again. Server Upgrade: We upgraded the server tonight to add on an SSD for the server to run to and increased the amount of cores/ram we are using. Hopefully we will see a increase of performance from this. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/UOHybrid-104042914508697/?view_public_for=104042914508697 And Twitter: https://twitter.com/UOHybrid
  8. Rift: Rifts will now be properly saved and loaded. This means if the server restarts it will retain the rift that was previously going on in the same state that it was in when the server comes back up. This will fix a lot of issues mainly the empty rifts and randomly rift gates will no longer happen. There is also a new skill gem. It's called AoE Flame Strike Skill Gem. This gem only works on dragons level 10 and higher. Here is a little snippet of it in action. Does damage in a 6 tile radius. Each level above 10 does more damage than the previous. Pet Leveling: Fixed an issue when trying to raise a stat that is close too its max. Added an effect and sound to your pet when it levels.
  9. Hey! Welcome back! Just about everyone uses discord these days. Feel free to message me on discord and I'll help you recover your accounts!
  10. Hello @everyone This week we will be introducing pet leveling and pet skill gems and Rift changes! As for the Rifts changes go the spawn in each rift has been in some cases drastically reduced. You should no longer see more than 90-95 mobs. If we need to lower this more to reduce the amount of time then we will. All pets will be able to be leveled up. Once you tame them they will have a max level of 5-15. Each level gives them a trait point of which you can use to increase their stats! Once past level 10 you will be given two trait points for each level. Harder the monster you kill the more experience you will gain! As I mentioned before skill gems! Currently there are three different gems. One that has a chance to give more gold on a kill and another that has a chance to give more hybrid coins. These gems have a 35% chance to drop off a rift boss and 2% chance to drop of a dungeon boss. In order to apply the gem just drag and drop it on your pet. These two gems have a level requirement of 5. They also have a 15% chance to reward you with your extra loot. The amount you receive depends on how hard the monster is. Then we have the Poison Strike gem that gives the Cu'Sidhe a new ability. Poison strike has a chance to poison your target (only monsters). The level of initial damage and poison level depend on the current level of your pet. Your pet must be level 10 to obtain this skill. It has a 10% chance to trigger on a melee attack. Levels 10-11 does lesser poison and 10-15 extra damage. Level 12 does regular poison and 15-30 damage Level 13 does greater poison and 30-50 damage Level 14-15 does deadly poison and 50-60 extra damage. If you have any other gem/ability ideas on mind please feel free to share them with me on discord!
  11. January(Elementals): BloodElemental/AirElemental/SnowElemental/FireElemental/EarthElemental/WaterElemental/IceElemental/AcidElemental(These spawn around swamps in T2A/Dungeons/Britana)/PoisonElemental February(Arachnid): GiantSpider/DreadSpider/GiantBlackWidow/TerathanDrone/TerathanWarrior/TerathanMatriarch/TerathanAvenger/AntLion/Scorpion March(Fey): Pixie/EtherealWarrior/Wisp/ShadowWisp/MeerCaptain/MeerWarrior/Centaur/MeerEternal/Treefellow April(Undead): Lich/LichLord/Zombie/Skeleton/SkeletalKnight/BoneKnight/AncientLich/BoneMagi/SkeletalMage May(Reptilian): AncientWyrm/ShadowWyrm/GiantSerpent/Dragon/SeaSerpent/Drake/SilverSerpent/Wyvern/DeepSeaSerpent June(Humanoid): Troll/Ettin/Orc/OrcishLord/Ogre/OgreLord/SavageRider/SavageShaman/Savage July(Flame): HellHound/LavaSerpent/PredatorHellCat/Phoenix/FireGargoyle/HellCat/LavaSnake/LavaLizard/Efreet/Daemon August(Desert): SandVortex/Titan/Cyclops/DesertOstard/Harpy/Ratman/Scorpion September(Mage): EvilMage/EvilMageLord/JukaMage/OrcishMage/KhaldunZealot/SavageShaman/MeerMage/RatmanMage October(Poisonous): Oni/PoisonElemental/AcidElemental/Scorpion/Wyvern/GiantSpider/DreadSpider/GiantBlackWidow/GiantSerpent November(Abyss): AbysmalHorror/Balron/BoneDemon/ChaosDaemon/Moloch/ArcaneDaemon/EnslavedGargoyle/GargoyleDestroyer/GargoyleEnforcer/StoneGargoyle December(Frost): ArcticOgreLord/FrostOoze/IceFiend/UnfrozenMummy/FrostSpider/LadyOfTheSnow/FrostTroll/IceSnake/IceSerpent/GiantIceWorm(edited) Now lets move on to the hues that are possible from each month: January(Elementals):2732 February(Arachnid):2739 March(Fey):2735 April(Undead):2682 May(Reptilian):1979 June(Humanoid):2949 July(Flame):1359 August(Desert):2953 September(Mage):2076 October(Poisonous):1271 November(Abyss):1108 December(Frost):1282 Additional: Paragon chest now only have a 5% chance to be hued instead of 100%. Paragon monsters will now also be hued the same color as what the chest and items will be hued if dropped. Refer to the list above for the hues.
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