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  1. After server wars these changes will be in:



    Added profiles.
    You can add up to 10 profiles rename each of them with a maximum of 10 characters.
    Pressing "Clear Profile" will set all profile amounts back to zero.
    Fixed a bug where the withdraw menu would appear behind the main gump.
    Max stackable storage amounts increased to 120,000.
    Max non stackable storage amounts increased to 10,000.
    Armor and weapons are no longer required to be fully repaired or exceptional.
    Added bolts/arrows.


    A 10% rake has been implemented. Hopefully this will cut down on the shenanigans that surrounds poker and force more meaningful bets.


    Thank you,
    Hybrid Staff

  2. This update will include Grave Digging. At a higher rate Grave Digging Shovels will drop from all mobs similar to how lotto tickets drop.

    Items you can obtain:
    Magic Weapons/Armor
    Box of jewelry
    Fertile dirt
    Misc Deco
    Halloween Costumes

    You will need mining. You can dig up any grave that you can find. Once the grave has been emptied it will take 30 minutes for it to respawn.

    Added Set items to repair deeds.
    Fixed Solen Hives achievement.
    Added Halloween Dungeon to double loot region.
    Increased Co-Owners list amount to 50.
    Increased Friends/Ban list to 200.

    T-Map changes:
    Can no longer use Telekinesis on treasure chest level 4 or higher.
    Remove trap can now un trap levels 4+ with 90+ in the skill. You will still fail sometimes.
    Players MUST kill all monsters that initially spawn in order to open the chest.
    Fixed two bugs. One where only two items would spawn. One where you could gate out while mining. 

    Thank you,
    Hybrid Staff

  3. Hello everyone,


    I hope you are prepared for a massive wall of text and a lot of changes. 


    Went ahead and spent some time on Veritas this week and tried to get it in a better state than it previously was and I believe its indeed slightly better.

    Work has been done to allow more gumps to be correctly displayed. Jarvis gump is 100% compatible. Titles gump is 100% compatible. Achievements is closer to 80%. Hybrid coin / Donation Vendor is 100% compatible.

    Packets for displaying context menus has been re wrote. Previously it was using the old version since we updated our core RunUO it became broken.  This change allows you to now correctly see the menu on event league barrels to view your balance and will allow you to see the new entries for opening the achievements and titles on your player when you shift click on yourself.

    Veritas should now be able to see all the monsters in the game. Now before you get too excited here this is a massive band-aid. We compiled a master list which Veritas will look at to see if there is a mobile that it can not understand it will then be displayed as one it can. Although you can not see what it would had originally looked like you can now at least to die to a monster you can see 🙂

    Rewrote the hotkey UseObjectByID. There should no longer be any issues with using an item this way.

    Fixed a crash related to someone around you dragging items.

    Fixed an issue with not being able to use the most recent sound files.

    Fixed an issue with not allowing custom client modifications. You should now be able to change out your tree hacks with no issue.

    Saving the best for last here. When going to an area that is not in the same facet and then returning to your home. It will now be properly drawn again. The days of your house going missing are over!


    Big oof here lol. This thing was a lot of work and took some time to complete. But if I do say so myself its probably the best iteration of a storage system there is. 

    In order to put items on to Jarvis currently there is only one way. You must place items inside of a bag and them drop it directly onto him. All items that can be added will then be added. Jarvis can hold up to 60000 of each stackable item including explosion potions. Jarvis can hold up to 1000 of each other item. If you broke down each item into a individual stack it would be over 10 million items that Jarvis can hold. By default only the owner of the house can use Jarvis. But you can set the security on him. This will allow who ever you allow to use him just as if it were a chest. Be careful.

    If you want to move Jarvis there is no need to empty him. You can demolish him and move him anywhere you want or even sell him. He will retain 100% of his items while in deed form.

    In order to turn the direction of Jarvis you can use a interior decorator.

    Jarvis Dungeon:

    With this update, we will be releasing the dungeon Exodus; a new gauntlet style dungeon filled with dangerous experiments and 6 new uniquely powered bosses. These bosses will occasionally reward you with a piece of the brand new set gear, the Plate of the Colossus; a powerful set for tanks that decreases most types of physical damage taken drastically (Only works in PvM). The dungeon entrance is located inside of Blackthorn's Castle in Britain. (Please note that the guard zone in this area has been permanently disabled as a result.) In addition, there is a new quest for you to partake in that will require the greatest crafters among you to complete. The quest will see you conquering Exodus and finding the parts needed to craft Jarvis. There are 3 parts needed, that all drop on the bosses associated with the gauntlet. Once you've obtained an unfinished part, you'll need to take it to the appropriate crafting station inside of Exodus to finish crafting it. Once you've crafted all 3 parts, bring them to Gary, located at the far east of Exodus, and he will help you assemble the parts. If all goes well, you will be awarded with your very own personal Jarvis.

    Achievements & Titles:

    Furthermore, this update will also feature a brand new Achievements System and Titles System for you to keep track of and display your accomplishments to others. You can view your own at anytime by using the context menu on your player (Left-Click or Shift+Left-Click on your player) and selecting the appropriate option. You can view other's achievements by typing in [achievements and then clicking on the target you wish to view.

    There are many types of achievements to earn with many more to be added. All achievements are shared account wide so they can be completed by any character on your account. Some achievements will offer rewards, typically in the form of titles, and reflect this by having a gold coin appear next to the achievement's name. Titles earned through the Achievement System can be acquired by all characters on the account, though some titles do have requirements to equip such as skill based titles. We've also made a small update to allow for crafted items to be placed into the bag the tool used to craft it is located inside. This will help by making it easier to keep your bag organized and will pair nicely with our new BOD system we are in the process of creating.

    Account Gold:

    Account gold has been enabled. This will allow you to access your funds across all of the characters on your account, while freeing up space in your bank by removing all of the bank checks and gold piles. Now when you deposit gold or a bank check into your bank box, it will be directly deposited into your Account Gold. Bank checks are still required for Veritas and ClassicUO clients as they do not recognize the new trade window gump that allows you to transfer funds directly through the window. Now when you create a bank check, the check will be added to your inventory, not your bank box. Double-Clicking on a bank check will automatically deposit the check into your Account Gold. Withdrawing gold piles works as it always has. For people running the normal client, when you open a trade window with someone, you will now see your account gold listed at the top as well as options at the bottom to trade a desired amount of gold. Once the trade is accepted by both parties, the gold will be directly deposited into the appropriate account unless a bank check was involved, in which case you will need to deposit it manually.

    Artifact Set Gear Changes:

    Any set that contains a shield will now provide a random percent chance to block a melee attack or harmful incoming spell based on your parry skill. The higher your parry, the better odds of you blocking a blow and the more damage it will decrease. Melee damage can effectively be blocked all the way down to 1 with this change, while spells that are blocked can only be decreased by up to 50% based on your Parry. This change was made to make Parry a more viable skill for Artifact Sets that contain a shield. (Note that this only works for PvM) In addition to this change, you can now view how many pieces you or another player have equipped of a particular set by clicking on any of the pieces. The color of the text will change according to how many pieces the player has equipped.

    Region Teleporters:

    Most if not all teleporters have been removed from the game. These will only be used in special cases. All teleporters aka from outside a dungeon to inside will now be dealt on the back end. You should notice that this change resembles how it was on OSI. There will not be the issue of moving the wrong way and instantly teleporting back to the other side. If there is anything weird or spots where you expect to be teleported and are not please inform someone.

    Misc Changes:

    • You can not cast Magic Trap on yourself and it will find a trappable container in your backpack and trap it. 
    • When a player has become frozen or paralyzed they will turn red for the duration.  
    • Took another look at weapon damage cap and noticed it may have been in the wrong order of operations. Where this is check has been moved and we should no longer be seeing hits for slightly over 60.
    • Reactive armor now reflects 100 damage at 100 Inscribe this is up from 75.
    • The gump that the server send when you invite players to a party has been removed. This was causing all kinds of issues including a crash. Should also help with not correctly being added to a party.


    This should be all of the changes. If we have missed anything I will be sure to alert you all and make the edits here.


    Thank you,

    Hybrid Staff

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  4. This week we added [combattext this gives you the ability to change the settings for combat text above players head.

    Also upgraded the server to C#7 .Net framework 4.7.2.

    Removed the [e puke item that was blocking players.


  5. Hello everyone,

    We have quite the list of things happening this week I hope you all enjoy it!

    Bug fixes:

    Added cloth to MOTM loot table for march.

    You can now join factions regardless of count (Not really a bug).

    When you shrink a battle steed / view it in the animal lore gump it should now show the correct picture/item.

    Mailboxes will now honor the security that they are set to.


    Bulk Order Books  item count has been drastically reduced.

    Added new deeds to allow light source items such as lanterns candles etc to have spell channeling.

    Added a new deed to increase the character slot count of an account.


    Overhead Combat Text:

    When you heal or deal damage to another player / monster you will now see how much you healed them for or how much damage you did to them. This is only visible to you and the player you did it to. Green text is a heal red text is damage.


    Pet Leveling System and Skill Gems:

    A lot has happened here. You can no longer drag and drop a skill gem onto a pet in order to apply it. You must now double click on the skill gem and a gump will pop up showing you all the information of that skill gem and allow you to add it to your pet. A example of this will be show bellow.

    Three new skill gems have been added.

    Poison Immune Skill Gem: 


    AoE lightning Skill Gem:



    Raise Undead Skill Gem:




    Along with these three skill gems you can also open a popup for your pets experience that will show you your pets experience in real-time.



    As always if there is any issues with any of these things please do not hesitate to let a staff member know!


    Thank you,

    Hybrid Staff

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  6. Some of these things have been implemented before today but were not announced.

    Bug fixes: 

    Fixed a bug related to a artifact weapon causing the server to crash.
    Fixed a bug with the animal lore gump.
    Fixed a bug causing Miners Apron to give you bones upon cutting the apron.

    Fixed a bug related to ethereal pigments causing the server to crash.



    Changed it to where the Pet Pigments can be used on any pet.

    Added the Hybrid Dragon to the monster contract pool.



    If a mount get paralyzed hopping on it will no longer remove the paralyze. You must either wait the paralyze timer out or it must have damage done to it in order for it to be free again.


    Server Upgrade:

    We upgraded the server tonight to add on an SSD for the server to run to and increased the amount of cores/ram we are using. Hopefully we will see a increase of performance from this.


    Also be sure to check us out on Facebook:


    And Twitter:



  7. Rift:

    Rifts will now be properly saved and loaded. This means if the server restarts it will retain the rift that was previously going on in the same state that it was in when the server comes back up. This will fix a lot of issues mainly the empty rifts and randomly rift gates will no longer happen.

    There is also a new skill gem. It's called AoE Flame Strike Skill Gem. This gem only works on dragons level 10 and higher. Here is a little snippet of it in action. Does damage in a 6 tile radius. Each level above 10 does more damage than the previous.


    Pet Leveling:

    Fixed an issue when trying to raise a stat that is close too its max.

    Added an effect and sound to your pet when it levels.



  8. Hello @everyone


    This week we will be introducing pet leveling and pet skill gems and Rift changes!

    As for the Rifts changes go the spawn in each rift has been in some cases drastically reduced. You should no longer see more than 90-95 mobs. If we need to lower this more to reduce the amount of time then we will.

    All pets will be able to be leveled up. Once you tame them they will have a max level of 5-15. Each level gives them a trait point of which you can use to increase their stats! Once past level 10 you will be given two trait points for each level. Harder the monster you kill the more experience you will gain!



    As I mentioned before skill gems! Currently there are three different gems. One that has a chance to give more gold on a kill and another that has a chance to give more hybrid coins. These gems have a 35% chance to drop off a rift boss and 2% chance to drop of a dungeon boss. In order to apply the gem just drag and drop it on your pet.

    These two gems have a level requirement of 5. They also have a 15% chance to reward you with your extra loot. The amount you receive depends on how hard the monster is.

    Then we have the Poison Strike gem that gives the Cu'Sidhe a new ability. 

    Poison strike has a chance to poison your target (only monsters). The level of initial damage and poison level depend on the current level of your pet. Your pet must be level 10 to obtain this skill. It has a 10% chance to trigger on a melee attack.


    Levels 10-11 does lesser poison and 10-15 extra damage.

    Level 12 does regular poison and 15-30 damage

    Level 13 does greater poison and 30-50 damage

    Level 14-15 does deadly poison and 50-60 extra damage.





    If you have any other gem/ability ideas on mind please feel free to share them with me on discord!

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