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  1. January(Elementals): BloodElemental/AirElemental/SnowElemental/FireElemental/EarthElemental/WaterElemental/IceElemental/AcidElemental(These spawn around swamps in T2A/Dungeons/Britana)/PoisonElemental February(Arachnid): GiantSpider/DreadSpider/GiantBlackWidow/TerathanDrone/TerathanWarrior/TerathanMatriarch/TerathanAvenger/AntLion/Scorpion March(Fey): Pixie/EtherealWarrior/Wisp/ShadowWisp/MeerCaptain/MeerWarrior/Centaur/MeerEternal/Treefellow April(Undead): Lich/LichLord/Zombie/Skeleton/SkeletalKnight/BoneKnight/AncientLich/BoneMagi/SkeletalMage May(Re
  2. [Organizeme will now ignore bod books Greater elemental's have been added to their respective slayer group. Bug with recalling during heat of battle is fixed. Monster Contracts will now re show their gump after adding a corpse. Treasure Goblins will now drop a random seed either peculiar/bonsai. Donation Mount vendor will have one of each mount but it will not be hued. There will be Ethereal Pigments added to the character mod vendor. Some hues will be permanent on the vendor while others will be rotated out. GLOBAL TRADE SYSTEM! Introducing a new Gl
  3. until
    Halloween House Deco Contest!!! All submissions to be DMed to Plato. Rewards will be announced next month.
  4. Plato


    First nerd maybe 😉
  5. Character statues bug with RunUO 2.7 should be fixed. You should no longer be stuck while running over brambles also from RunUO 2.7. 2-3 new deco items were added to each lotto ticket. New items have been added for next months event. Pigments can be used with the new Chaos/Order shields. There is no cow level in the rift and it has not been changed 😉
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