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  1. Hail friends, Lord British is calling upon all of his militias to retake the City of Cove that was sacked by Kobold Raiders.... April-May Month Long Event Details and Updates!! -Objective: Retake the City of Cove that was sacked By the Kobold Faction. -Each Kobold Raider MoB Has a % Chance to Drop this Months Event Currency. -Collect the Event Currencies to redeem at a later date for great rewards. -All Previous Phobia Event Tokens will be Redeemable through this months Event. All event currencies are 1:1 except for the scavenger ingots that wil
  2. Hail Friends !! By Demand, We’re launching another Pet Wars Event!! Throughout the globe you’ll find hued “Event Drakes”. Tame it and get it trained for the upcoming Pet Wars Event!! - Only Designated Event Hued Drakes May Be Entered Into The Pet Wars Event! Spawn Location: Near Every Shrine Event Ends: TBD- Event Drakes will spawn for at LEAST a month, with the Pet Wars continuing for an additional two weeks after the Drakes quit spawning. We hope everyone enjoys! Pet Wars description: A players pet (event drake) will be pitted against another players (event drak
  3. Hello my friends to celebrate Halloween together we’re going to kick off a Month Long PvM Lotto Event for the month of October. The Month Long Event will Showcase and Debut a Custom New Dungeon with New Custom “Set Gear” Armor, with tons of other great rewards!! Details; On October 1st the New Dungeon will open. -Within the New Dungeon you’ll find tons of high end MoBs, locate the new Customized Mobs and kill them for a % chance to obtain a redeemable Event Currency along with the chance of rare drops from the MoB’s themselves. -Event Currency will drop from designated MoB’s wi
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