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  1. most trades I've seen with HC lately has been going in the 300k to 500k per 1k HC
  2. razor is still used, some prefer steam or veritas, the choice is mostly personal preference you may want to check out UO: Invictus as plato is opening a new hybrid related server soon
  3. there is also a pretty big rune library near the skara moongate I believe
  4. welcome back to hybrid, if you need anything to help you get started let me know... regs, housing, etc...
  5. looking for a price check on King hue ethereal llama mount (vet mount)
  6. Need Hues 2591, 2511, 2585, 2658 pm, reply with vendor loc, or dm on discord rubix#6540
  7. rubix

    dono coins

    selling dono coins, dm rubix on discord with offer per 1k, I have up to 24k to sell atm
  8. rubix

    dono coins

    no one is buying these?
  9. rubix

    dono coins

    what are these selling for in gold?
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