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  1. Here's a list of everything I still need. Color does not matter 'Tis the Season 2010 wizard hat And here's a meme I found on the internet
  2. for crafted stuff, 1-2m per yard is what I see Not too much demand as of late
  3. Need 6 more sashes if possible. Also looking for grey Independence Day clothing items. Nothing super expensive like masks and gloves and necklaces, just normal clothing. DM me on discord:kdivers
  4. Buying at least the following: --Footwear-- --Hats-- I heart UOGAMERS wizard hat rambo style bandana mr. t, bitches hat I paid the bills! 'Tis the Season 2010 wizard hat high rollers player floppy hat --aprons-- --robes-- Want some? plain dress any reasonably priced event robes (other than 2, <3, 6, 8, xx) --shirts-- bank sit all day shirt team harrower shirt --pants-- --sash-- Maze Man sash mazeman sash big pimpin sash house warrior sash
  5. Pffft. Time to get my post count over 16k like the old forums
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