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  1. Ahh okay thank you! Was hoping it was possible without pets lol
  2. Are these supposed to be multiplayer things you kill with groups or am I doing something wrong lol.
  3. Hey there Hybrid community. It has been nearly five years since the last time I played Hybrid. I stopped after I joined the military and since my life has calmed down. I started playing UO:R when I was 7 years old on AOL Legends server after my dad introduced me to the game. I am glad to be back again but I was wondering if there was an updated rune library anywhere. A lot has seemed to change with Hybrid and now with dungeon bosses and rifts I was wondering if there was a place I can go to mark some of these newer locations within the game. I have all the basics still on my tamer. Thanks in a
  4. West Brit Bank (Retribution) On a mare. Below
  5. Have another 3k to get rid of, selling them for 500k gold per 1k tokens!
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