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  1. Thanks sweetheart! ❤️ Always on top of EVERYTHING!! Heather
  2. Anyone remember how to change our passwords for log in to game (only use razor if useful). I appreciate any help! Thanks so much! ❤️ WisdomMaster xoxo
  3. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows with help from some great friends, we Brought Back Yew banktop safe vending (buyers and sellers alike)!! Thanks all and enjoy some of the top items in the game sold there! I do offer these vendors for FREE on 2 marble homes there - so hmu for your spot(s) please?! They are close to their vendor limits. TY! DRAMA FREE VENDING - I hold no responsibility for any activity (PVP) that happens there (if it does) - I merely wanted to bring back some GREAT MEMORIES and SAFER options for all with the help of some friends; we did! <3 THA
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