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  4. give a link to the discord please
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  6. second day back and lost my old account loving being back though :)
  7. Butt and Ugly decided to have a kid and guess what? Bowelrot was that kid. Seems to favor hanging out right inside the entrance on the southwest side. Entrance pylons at the time Bowelrot was found in the dungeon.
  8. A new challenger has entered the dungeon! Where as Stratos was the only one I'd ever seen, this is one of the other six bosses of the dungeon. Stratos seemed to always favor the north east corner where as Voidinian here prefers the south west corner in the adjacent room to experiments 7.1 and 5.1 Also, with this boss change it appears to reconfigure these pylons. The amount of broken vs active have changed. IF that is the case, then the moment you enter the dungeon you would know which boss you were looking for and potentially where to find them. I'll update as I learn more.
  9. I will post my treasure hunting ideas another time. My hands got tired of typing.
  10. So it is no news to a lot of people whom may also be looking at these two forms of PvM and thinking "There is a lot of possible potential here". With seasonal events like Halloween bringing in tons of dungeon action for everyone all around, I think it is time to realize that when we improve PvM with it follows PVP. This means we should be looking at ways to bring the player base we have out from Brit bank and their houses and into the dungeons of the world. To do just that I give you this run down of an example I think would be great. - Fishing in dungeons There are a few areas in d
  11. The JARVIS dungeon is on the first level, far back left corner of Blackthorns's castle. This dungeon cannot be recalled into or out. Only way in or out is through Blackthorn's castle. Once inside the dungeon, you'll find it full of traps. Blade, saws, poison and so forth(you know, usual dungeon stuff). Also calling this place home are a diverse group of creatures call experiments alongside: mages, technicians, zeons of exodus and Stratos. Experiments followed by a "#.#" are regular spawns and usually a little tougher than their counter part experiments follo
  12. After server wars these changes will be in: Jarvis: Added profiles. You can add up to 10 profiles rename each of them with a maximum of 10 characters. Pressing "Clear Profile" will set all profile amounts back to zero. Fixed a bug where the withdraw menu would appear behind the main gump. Max stackable storage amounts increased to 120,000. Max non stackable storage amounts increased to 10,000. Armor and weapons are no longer required to be fully repaired or exceptional. Added bolts/arrows. Poker: A 10% rake has been implemented. Hopefully this wil
  13. This update will include Grave Digging. At a higher rate Grave Digging Shovels will drop from all mobs similar to how lotto tickets drop. Items you can obtain: Magic Weapons/Armor Box of jewelry Fertile dirt Bones Scrolls T-Maps Misc Deco Halloween Costumes Instruments You will need mining. You can dig up any grave that you can find. Once the grave has been emptied it will take 30 minutes for it to respawn. Added Set items to repair deeds. Fixed Solen Hives achievement. Added Halloween Dungeon to double loot region. Increased Co-Owners list amount to 50.
  14. hi hello techeroni very strange wonder if an admin can chime in
  15. Is anybody having trouble logging into the discord? It has disappeared for me!
  16. tech

    Guild Jarvis's

    For anyone reading this, Nick has no good intentions for the server, only himself. Don't let him use his car salesman experience to convince you. Make your own group, and contest him in these dungeons. Jarvis is easily available to any single group playing the server, all it takes is playing the game. Good luck, soldiers.
  17. Nick

    Guild Jarvis's

    Rift Guild will now be selling Jarvis's at a non negotiable price and a lower one at that so everyone could have one. Every Jarvis will be 50 million G/P.. IF you'd like one contact myself,Stormy,Lippy,Wu (wu last) Slayer And our other lovely colorful guild members. Thanks!!
  18. there is also a pretty big rune library near the skara moongate I believe
  19. Ahh okay thank you! Was hoping it was possible without pets lol
  20. You can kill them solo with the correct pets. But the whole dungeon boss system is being overhauled soon.
  21. Are these supposed to be multiplayer things you kill with groups or am I doing something wrong lol.
  22. Welcome back! I would highly recommend joining us in discord as most everyone uses that to communicate. If you need any help let us know!
  23. Tessa's Rune library is still up across the second bridge from minoc past where the good mining spots are or the most updated Library is Lippy's Right next to ( maybe a screen or two E ) Yew bank. It has a few vendors on it as well so its not hard to find.
  24. Hey there Hybrid community. It has been nearly five years since the last time I played Hybrid. I stopped after I joined the military and since my life has calmed down. I started playing UO:R when I was 7 years old on AOL Legends server after my dad introduced me to the game. I am glad to be back again but I was wondering if there was an updated rune library anywhere. A lot has seemed to change with Hybrid and now with dungeon bosses and rifts I was wondering if there was a place I can go to mark some of these newer locations within the game. I have all the basics still on my tamer. Thanks in a
  25. welcome back to hybrid, if you need anything to help you get started let me know... regs, housing, etc...
  26. Hello! Welcome back! I highly recommend you join us in discord! You can do so by clicking on the box to the right of the website.
  27. Hello! Welcome to hybrid! If you need anything please reach out in game to any >$< money member and we will help you get started!!
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