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  2. looking for a price check on King hue ethereal llama mount (vet mount)
  3. Need Hues 2591, 2511, 2585, 2658 pm, reply with vendor loc, or dm on discord rubix#6540
  4. Hail Friends !! By Demand, We’re launching another Pet Wars Event!! Throughout the globe you’ll find hued “Event Drakes”. Tame it and get it trained for the upcoming Pet Wars Event!! - Only Designated Event Hued Drakes May Be Entered Into The Pet Wars Event! Spawn Location: Near Every Shrine Event Ends: TBD- Event Drakes will spawn for at LEAST a month, with the Pet Wars continuing for an additional two weeks after the Drakes quit spawning. We hope everyone enjoys! Pet Wars description: A players pet (event drake) will be pitted against another players (event drake) in a 1vs1 showdown. The owners winning pet will receive a reward at the end of each battle!
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  6. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
  7. Some of these things have been implemented before today but were not announced. Bug fixes: Fixed a bug related to a artifact weapon causing the server to crash. Fixed a bug with the animal lore gump. Fixed a bug causing Miners Apron to give you bones upon cutting the apron. Fixed a bug related to ethereal pigments causing the server to crash. Items: Changed it to where the Pet Pigments can be used on any pet. Added the Hybrid Dragon to the monster contract pool. General: If a mount get paralyzed hopping on it will no longer remove the paralyze. You must either wait the paralyze timer out or it must have damage done to it in order for it to be free again. Server Upgrade: We upgraded the server tonight to add on an SSD for the server to run to and increased the amount of cores/ram we are using. Hopefully we will see a increase of performance from this. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/UOHybrid-104042914508697/?view_public_for=104042914508697 And Twitter: https://twitter.com/UOHybrid
  8. hello! can't say what my character names were back 5 ish(?) years ago but hope to see familiar faces too bad the old forums died, ... all i can remember was "facepump" 😉 you still playing? hope my old accounts on hybrid are still there ... 89% patched (1.5go patching lel...) so, what did i miss? hybrid dragons for pets? provocation skill working like it should? aka GM = 100% minus odd fail? cuz i miss farming shadow wyrms in destard xD
  9. Update on the arena! No chance of getting caught in deco! I hope ya'll are actually interested! Don't fail me!
  10. Hello all! It is I (Naked Bastard!) I am going to be hosting an Event 2/7/2020 at 8:00PM (CT) Anyone is welcome! I will be keeping track of who competes against who! if you lose! you're out!!! Winner takes home 100k! I know it isn't much but this is just a little thought. If all goes well maybe next time it'll be 1M 🙂 Depends on the outcome anyway. I'm hoping to at least get 6 players for this event! Please let me know in the comment section if you can make it! Also looking to buy some bloody and scary deco, to decorate this new (Idea) of mine. If anyone has anything please inform me. Long Live Hybrid!!!
  11. Hello it appears I can't log in... is the server down or is something going on with my patch? says im patched up... am I banned for some purpose I have no idea how???? please lemme know
  12. Rift: Rifts will now be properly saved and loaded. This means if the server restarts it will retain the rift that was previously going on in the same state that it was in when the server comes back up. This will fix a lot of issues mainly the empty rifts and randomly rift gates will no longer happen. There is also a new skill gem. It's called AoE Flame Strike Skill Gem. This gem only works on dragons level 10 and higher. Here is a little snippet of it in action. Does damage in a 6 tile radius. Each level above 10 does more damage than the previous. Pet Leveling: Fixed an issue when trying to raise a stat that is close too its max. Added an effect and sound to your pet when it levels.
  13. I'm getting back to UO after several years and I'm new to Hybrid. I'm looking to build a Mage/Tamer for PVM and would like to know you guys opinions. 100 Magery 120 Taming 120 Animal Lore 100 Vet 120 Music 120 Discord I'm still trying to figure out what is the best Stats for this build...
  14. Oh really? I thought the 2005/2006 stuff would have been worth something or at least the blessed weapons. Oh well.
  15. 25-50k each item unfortunately.. the gift boxes people throw away 😕
  16. Urval


    Cloudflare double posted.
  17. - Christmas 2009 Lantern (Green) - Coal [Blessed] - A lump of Coal [Blessed] - Halloween 2011 Devil 2/2 [Blessed] (it's a pitchfork) - Voting Machine [Blessed] (Jester hat) - I Voted! [Blessed] (shirt) - Vote for Pedro? [Blessed] (shirt) - Silver Trophy | Survivor! --Sativa 4/17/2005 (statue) - Silver Trophy | Survivor! --GameOver 4/17/2005 (statue) - Commemorative Statue, Independence day 2006 (statue, blue) - Commemorative Statue, Independence day 2006 (angel statue, white) - Halloween 2008 (candle) - Halloween 2008 (gift box) - Halloween 2011 (gift box) Had them all in my bank for years.
  18. Also looking for Holiday Fireflies(lots)
  19. I want to buy a bunch of Xmas/Holiday Tree deeds, like 30+ in total. Let me know how many you have and what you're asking via Disord nunim#2534
  20. Ok Thanks a lot, Ive just found you on discord and sended you a message 🙂
  21. Try to contact Plato, on Discord. He will be able to recover your account for you, as he already said up there! Welcome back! ;)
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