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  2. Here's a list of everything I still need. Color does not matter Merry Christmas 2008 pants robe shoes skirt Happy Holidays 2009 robe sash 'Tis the Season 2010 sash half apron pants shirt wizard hat Merry Christmas 2016 sash pants shoes Merry Christmas 2018 fancy shirt tunic kilt short pants wizard hat full apron cloak And here's a meme I found on the internet
  3. Yesterday
  4. Buying It is more than an addiction lantern 2m discord: antick You can also pm me here or look for me in game Char name I Don't Know
  5. I'm taking offers on my Spider Wall, this a halloween coin lotto item, came from a large lotto deed, likely one of a kind so far. Current offer is 20mil DM Nunim #2534
  6. Like 50k 😕 There's a vendor near yew bank that sells multiple of these for 50k each!
  7. Ok thxs that give me little something to go with i was not sure i got 200 of of them
  8. I sold all the ones I had for like 2or 300k about a year ago
  9. Price Check on theses Winter 2004 Plants/Tree
  10. Last week
  11. Possible selling new elven robe (shroud) Dm me offers.
  12. Woolyjeffery

    donation coin

    I’ll give 7 m per
  13. This has always been a huge issue with BoD's. I would love to see any improvement made for filling large or small bone bulk orders as well.
  14. Given that bones are so difficult to obtain, why can we not cut-up tailor-made bone armor, like all other tailor-made armors? I know there's only going to be a few other people lobbying for this change along with me, as it only affects you if you fill bone BODss, but it just makes sense to be able to cut-up bone armor for bones/leather. Trying to fill a dozen bone BODs, I end up with a few hundred bone armor items that I cannot really use, sell, or obtain the bones back from(most important). If this is not possible for technical reasons, bones should be added as a resource that can be bought in some quantity.
  15. Ladder 7.5m Enormous Venus Flytrap 15m A mini house deed (Two-story stone & plaster house) A mini house deed (Stone and plaster house) A mini house deed (2x Two-story villa) A mini house deed (Sandstone house with patio) A mini house deed (Small brick house) Halloween 2011 - Gatekeeper (Lantern: King Hued) Offer please 5 Halloween Coins 700k each Full kitchen outfit/w lantern that contains following parts: DEPENDS ON OFFER, ILL MIGHT SELL PIECE BY PIECE Ninja mask (Donation/GM Blessed) Long Sleeved Shirt (Donation/GM Blessed) Gloves (Handout/GM Blessed) Sandals (Handout/GM Blessed) Kilt (Crafted/CBD Blessed) Apron (Crafted/CBD Blessed) Lantern (Guiding my way through dark times) Selling Shroud (Death Awaits You) Hue: 1920 (250m Buy out)
  16. Good Morning Everyone! It's been a long time, but some of you may remember me. I am Nick (Xero) and just hopped back on checking my older games and i am quite happy this is still running. On top of that, i've noticed a few people are still on the Shard . Hope to see you guys around, and if you've got any questions, feel free to ask! Player Names of Mine: Volkoon Al-Kemist Hyrteq Zuxocar Koon-Jabi Mad Monk Malkavian Kooner
  17. toxic vibes

    Many rares

    Bloodstained armor pieces (gloves, gorget and leggings/bloody hue/newbied) 15m each. Bloody doublet, kilt & fancy shirt - 18m each. Pure White Kasa - 115m Skeletal steed - 27m. Lucky Llama ethy - 25m. Vortex Llama ethy - 20m Black Tarantural Spider ethy - 270m (OBO) Polar Bear ethy - 7m Kitchen Gloves - 12m Kitchen Sandals - 20m Kitchen hue crafted banadana - 10m A Holy Spellbook - 45m A hybrid spellbook - 25m Tome of Divination - 20m CBD Blessed Obi - 6m Guiding My Way Through Dark Times Lantern - 14m Princess Circlet - 11m Boo! Boots - 5m You Seeing This Shit? shades - 15m Hunter Hue donation unique sandals and apron "Death Awaits You" pieces - 100m feel free to offer if not too unrealistically different from the main price.
  18. I still have potions available, 15k of each in commodity deeds for 8mil, or 60k of each for 27 mil. You can pickup these potions from my Yew MG Vendor(Regs & Resources) Act now! I do take custom bulk potion orders, DM me for more info.
  19. Price Check on lighting wands nd G heal wands
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