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      When a publish is done to Hybrid, the notes will be placed here.

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      Announcements for Hybrid.

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      News and information regarding upcoming events on Hybrid.

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      UO Hybrid Wiki (Always looking for help with filling it out.)

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      A general discussion of all Hybrid related topics.

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      Hosting an event? Let your fellow players know about it here!

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      Looking for an old friend from OSI, or another previous server? Coming back from a break? Post here! Do Not troll this section. It is NOT for pvp discussion.

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      Hybrid PVM related discussion.

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      The downfall of Ultima Online.

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      Forum users may come here to post non UO related topics.

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      Give and receive appraisals here.

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      Have something that you don't want anymore, and are looking to give away? Post here.

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    • I’ve received the donation coins. Thank you!
    • On Monday, 1/18, I purchased $60 in donation coins and I still haven’t received them. I’ve tried paging for assistance in game and no GMs have been on.
    • Hi there, I'd suggest to join Hybrid's discord server to ask any questions that you may have. It's like a live chatroom and people on there are helpful. Here's the link to the server https://discord.gg/824Z9yCj  See you soon!
    • Ello guys, Been back at the game after 6-7 years .. just have a question. Been lvlning my nightmare and wyrm ot lvl,s 6 on both , but i cant seem to be able to use The traits u get after each lvl, is that smething that will come later or cant u set out traits before u hit max lvl ? mabey a stupid question , but hey This is all new to me 😃 Looked everywhere for assist how to use the traits for my pets !!  animal lore my pets go to lvling. but on my screen there,s nothing to click to use the traits , i just dont get it at all. i,ve googled it and found smth about a quest from animal tamers, but i cant see any q !!!   Thx for any tips/tricks ,  
    • I'm looking to trade some of the newer Halloween items for some Fallon yards enough to get a couple articles or clothing or atleast a Fancy Shirt and Long Pants.. And maybe a wizard hat.. I love fallon but I am always broke when its available... Seeing it on vendors and knowing that I coulda bought it 2 weeks ago annoys the heck outta me... I still haven't gotten a staff member to read my post or ignores it.. Idk which but I am really bummed about not being in the Discord... Either way .. If you wanna get some newer stuff for the older style cloth... Please DM me on Discord XxRedSUSxX#3216 ! I've got deco's and some of the more wanted items like the Paladin Shield and Jedi Robe.. Happy Holidays! Hope to see some old faces and new.. Hope everyone's staying safe!  ... I also have 2,500 Don coins to add to it... If that helps
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