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Publish 02-29-20

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Hello everyone,

We have quite the list of things happening this week I hope you all enjoy it!

Bug fixes:

Added cloth to MOTM loot table for march.

You can now join factions regardless of count (Not really a bug).

When you shrink a battle steed / view it in the animal lore gump it should now show the correct picture/item.

Mailboxes will now honor the security that they are set to.


Bulk Order Books  item count has been drastically reduced.

Added new deeds to allow light source items such as lanterns candles etc to have spell channeling.

Added a new deed to increase the character slot count of an account.


Overhead Combat Text:

When you heal or deal damage to another player / monster you will now see how much you healed them for or how much damage you did to them. This is only visible to you and the player you did it to. Green text is a heal red text is damage.


Pet Leveling System and Skill Gems:

A lot has happened here. You can no longer drag and drop a skill gem onto a pet in order to apply it. You must now double click on the skill gem and a gump will pop up showing you all the information of that skill gem and allow you to add it to your pet. A example of this will be show bellow.

Three new skill gems have been added.

Poison Immune Skill Gem: 


AoE lightning Skill Gem:



Raise Undead Skill Gem:




Along with these three skill gems you can also open a popup for your pets experience that will show you your pets experience in real-time.



As always if there is any issues with any of these things please do not hesitate to let a staff member know!


Thank you,

Hybrid Staff

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