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Jarvis: Ultimate Storage System

New Achievement & Titles System

Publish 10-10-20

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This update will include Grave Digging. At a higher rate Grave Digging Shovels will drop from all mobs similar to how lotto tickets drop.

Items you can obtain:
Magic Weapons/Armor
Box of jewelry
Fertile dirt
Misc Deco
Halloween Costumes

You will need mining. You can dig up any grave that you can find. Once the grave has been emptied it will take 30 minutes for it to respawn.

Added Set items to repair deeds.
Fixed Solen Hives achievement.
Added Halloween Dungeon to double loot region.
Increased Co-Owners list amount to 50.
Increased Friends/Ban list to 200.

T-Map changes:
Can no longer use Telekinesis on treasure chest level 4 or higher.
Remove trap can now un trap levels 4+ with 90+ in the skill. You will still fail sometimes.
Players MUST kill all monsters that initially spawn in order to open the chest.
Fixed two bugs. One where only two items would spawn. One where you could gate out while mining. 

Thank you,
Hybrid Staff

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