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      So it is no news to a lot of people whom may also be looking at these two forms of PvM  and thinking "There is a lot of possible potential here". With seasonal events like Halloween bringing in tons of dungeon action for everyone all around, I think it is time to realize that when we improve PvM with it follows PVP. This means we should be looking at ways to bring the player base we have out from Brit bank and their houses and into the dungeons of the world. To do just that I give you this run down of an example I think would be great.

- Fishing in dungeons

There are a few areas in dungeons where one could fish. Destard, Covetous and Shame to name a few. Give fishermen (and woman) the chance to get a Legendary Fishing pole from fishing in dungeons.

- Legendary Fishing Pole

A legendary Fishing Pole may only be used in dungeons and has a durability of 50. You may add much like your "Grave Digging Shovels" small useless things like bones and fish and what not that it pulls up. However, a chance to pull up a "Scroll Fragment 1of3" (or 1 of whatever you'd like really). The key here is to make sure none of these items are blessed however. 

- The scroll

Once you manage to put the entire scroll together it is undeciphered. To get it deciphered you must locate an old fisherman somewhere in the world (I would suggest in a dungeon somewhere being you want to keep this  active for dungeons for the most part. Maybe even give him a few spawn locations around different dungeons and each time a scroll is

handed to him he moves to another random location within a dungeon? Once the scroll is deciphered you need now to take it out into the deep blue sea and summon 1 of however many possible Ancient Sea Creatures you want to add. To use the scroll however you must have 120 fishing which I will explain next.


- Named Fish

Named fish can be things like "Ol' Slippery" and what not. These are fish that may only be fished in a dungeon region once again and as an example we will say you add 5 different named fish. All of these named  fish can be turned in to a different fisherman located in 1 of 5 towns for the same reward. A fishing lure that increases fishing by +20. This will make it so people will have to farm these fish in these dungeons as well as the scroll fragments to use in combination to summon this Ancient Sea Monster.


- The High Seas Boats

I think it comes without saying that this would be excellent to be able to use bigger boats to go slay ancient sea monsters with friends. I also think it would benefit you to take the time to make players have to BUILD these boats possibly using items that could be found on various "new" monsters that could be fished up in dungeons. 


As far as the rewards from the ancient sea monsters you will just have to find things that will peak peoples interest enough to get involved one way or the other. The entire process itself sounds fun but you will want something that feels worth the time yet balanced. Most people enjoy collecting things. So maybe Fisherman suits of clothing, and or a token bonus on the creature itself. I will leave this part up to your imagination, surprise me. Anyhow this is just a thought I had and felt compelled to write it out and see if it stuck with Plato and them as a possible idea for fishing. Getting people into dungeons is something I feel strongly about for the health and future of this server.

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