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    [Organizeme will now ignore bod books Greater elemental's have been added to their respective slayer group. Bug with recalling during heat of battle is fixed. Monster Contracts will now re show their gump after adding a corpse. Treasure Goblins will now drop a random seed either peculiar/bonsai. Donation Mount vendor will have one of each mount but it will not be hued. There will be Ethereal Pigments added to the character mod vendor. Some hues will be permanent on the vendor while others will be rotated out. GLOBAL TRADE SYSTEM! Introducing a new Global Trade System. With this new feature, players will be able to buy and sell items on a global scale, without the need for a personal vendor or vendor house. You can access this system by going to any Global Trade Box in game, which will be distributed throughout the world at appropriate locations, such as banks. To sell an item, you must place it inside of the Global Trade Box, it will then be added to your list of stock. From the menu, you can then set a price on the item and post it for sale to the public. It is good to note, when selling a stack of resources such as ingots, the price you list is the price PER ingot, not the total price for all ingots. That means if you list 10,000 iron ingots at 10,000 gold, it will charge 10k per ingot, instead of 10k gold for all 10k ingots. You can list up to 50 items for sale per account. To buy an item, simply find it in the listings. There are several categories which will help narrow your searches down. Once you have agreed to purchase the item, the money will be withdrawn from your bank and deposited into the sellers bank. The item you bought will then either be added to your inventory or bank depending on weight of the items and whether you can hold it or not. The Global Trade Box will be put inside of brit bank. Some of these things are in but some will have to wait until after server wars!
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    Free 1k each reg to all new players who are coming back
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    First nerd maybe 😉
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    Character statues bug with RunUO 2.7 should be fixed. You should no longer be stuck while running over brambles also from RunUO 2.7. 2-3 new deco items were added to each lotto ticket. New items have been added for next months event. Pigments can be used with the new Chaos/Order shields. There is no cow level in the rift and it has not been changed 😉
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    Good Morning Everyone! It's been a long time, but some of you may remember me. I am Nick (Xero) and just hopped back on checking my older games and i am quite happy this is still running. On top of that, i've noticed a few people are still on the Shard . Hope to see you guys around, and if you've got any questions, feel free to ask! Player Names of Mine: Volkoon Al-Kemist Hyrteq Zuxocar Koon-Jabi Mad Monk Malkavian Kooner
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    https://uohybrid.com/index.php?/store/ look inside here
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    Halloween House Deco Contest!!! All submissions to be DMed to Plato. Rewards will be announced next month.
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    I sent u pictures
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    Hello my friends to celebrate Halloween together we’re going to kick off a Month Long PvM Lotto Event for the month of October. The Month Long Event will Showcase and Debut a Custom New Dungeon with New Custom “Set Gear” Armor, with tons of other great rewards!! Details; On October 1st the New Dungeon will open. -Within the New Dungeon you’ll find tons of high end MoBs, locate the new Customized Mobs and kill them for a % chance to obtain a redeemable Event Currency along with the chance of rare drops from the MoB’s themselves. -Event Currency will drop from designated MoB’s within the New Dungeon. Use this Currency to redeem from an Event Vendor that will be spawned at West Britain Bank. -The Month Long Event will begin October 1st and end October 31. And the Event Vendor will remain open for an additional two weeks. Happy Halloween, We hope you all enjoy!!
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    I don't know how many of you remember the old Tessa's cove site but it has a ton of extremely useful info for returning/starting players. I've made some minor tweaks already and will make more in the coming days to bring everything up-to-date, i.e. potion kegs holding 500 potions instead of 100. There's ton of great guides, skill information, animal/monster quick tips and so much more. Check out my mirror of the site https://tessa.uohybrid.online/
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    I wouldn’t take less than 250m for 10k coins
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    Pffft. Time to get my post count over 16k like the old forums
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    Oh man forums are back
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    Owned by Management....
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    Champion of Britannia 1v1 Tournament. Starts 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST
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