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  1. After server wars these changes will be in: Jarvis: Added profiles. You can add up to 10 profiles rename each of them with a maximum of 10 characters. Pressing "Clear Profile" will set all profile amounts back to zero. Fixed a bug where the withdraw menu would appear behind the main gump. Max stackable storage amounts increased to 120,000. Max non stackable storage amounts increased to 10,000. Armor and weapons are no longer required to be fully repaired or exceptional. Added bolts/arrows. Poker: A 10% rake has been implemented. Hopefully this wil
  2. This update will include Grave Digging. At a higher rate Grave Digging Shovels will drop from all mobs similar to how lotto tickets drop. Items you can obtain: Magic Weapons/Armor Box of jewelry Fertile dirt Bones Scrolls T-Maps Misc Deco Halloween Costumes Instruments You will need mining. You can dig up any grave that you can find. Once the grave has been emptied it will take 30 minutes for it to respawn. Added Set items to repair deeds. Fixed Solen Hives achievement. Added Halloween Dungeon to double loot region. Increased Co-Owners list amount to 50.
  3. You can kill them solo with the correct pets. But the whole dungeon boss system is being overhauled soon.
  4. Welcome back! I would highly recommend joining us in discord as most everyone uses that to communicate. If you need any help let us know!
  5. Hello! Welcome back! I highly recommend you join us in discord! You can do so by clicking on the box to the right of the website.
  6. Head on over to our discord! Most of us chill and there and if you need help we have a new player discussion channel just for that!
  7. Join us in discord. Most of us do not use the forums as discord is way more convenient.
  8. Hello everyone, I hope you are prepared for a massive wall of text and a lot of changes. Veritas: Went ahead and spent some time on Veritas this week and tried to get it in a better state than it previously was and I believe its indeed slightly better. Work has been done to allow more gumps to be correctly displayed. Jarvis gump is 100% compatible. Titles gump is 100% compatible. Achievements is closer to 80%. Hybrid coin / Donation Vendor is 100% compatible. Packets for displaying context menus has been re wrote. Previously it was using the old version since w
  9. Plato



    Veritas client for UO Hybrid
  10. DM me your account name and the character that is muted. I'll move him out of jail and fix him.
  11. Hey! Join us in discord you can find the link on the forums here on the very bottom and to the right. All the download links are in our discord.
  12. Okay awesome! Good to know just in case it happens to anyone else.
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