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  1. Thanks for the fast answer. So Reds can run inside the guardzone as they will nowdays? But criminals(grey status, lets say for looting ones body) will still get whacked by guards, or? The server seems quite nice and active, thanks for that! I'm actually quite amazed that it's still running after all these years. To be honest, I haven't been playing any MMORPG after hybrid, I kinda feel like a small excited kid again, har! :)
  2. Hello. So shortly, I used to play here between 2005-2006 and seemingly my old account still existed which is quite nice. I'm extremely confused with all these hues/crazy colours/items/rides. Are they prizes from competitions? Or get them from donation? Or simply rares? What are hybrid coins? Seemingly some monsters drop em. Dungeon rogue seems not to be a build anymore? Or please correct me if mistaken: There used to be "unique" chests in the dungeons with "random" stuff(kind of like treasure hunt boxes), that you had to lockpick(all levels up to skill 100), but I seem to find only simple chests anymore, that are all openable with the "unlock"-spell, and containing few hundreds of gold each. All of them more or less the same, no items. Another thing, there used to be orc camps / gypsy camps/random brigand encounters that had boxes you had to lockpick, disarm traps and then even in the end steal the stuff from the loot box. I had rune book full of these spots, since they spawned random stuff in the box, always different. Now they are all gone as well, why? And about stealable rares, all the spots are empty as well? I remember that there used to be a "randomness"-generator, so the rares never spawned in the same spot(to prevent macroing looters), but they are all empty now. About faction thieves: Are there factions any more? I don't see any factioners around anywhere any more. That used to be a fun build as well: Faction thief. Running combat wars between factions, disarming opponents, stealing sigils and I remember my best score was stealthing next to enemy factioneer and stealing a smith 120PS from him! So all this stuff is gone as well? Another thing, when I press "help"-button it says: "you cannot request any help, sorry". Why is that so? I tried to give ideas for events when the GMs asked for that, but was unable to do so. Seemingly daily events are 2 types now: "moongate to deeper levels in dungeons", which basicly means pks ganging people in the spot, cause you cannot recall away - not good. Another event seems to be a simple duel, teams against teams with different rulesets, quite dull imo. Dull, why? Because there used to be massive RP-quests that involved basicly all the players in the game....daemons raiding the whole brit, burning buildings and finally mashing up the uber-balrog, dropping gold, silver and a few rare items. I really miss that! Chaos/order guild isn't there any more either, or? So the only way to PVP is simply PKing, since there are no faction/war guilds anymore? And why are the Red chars allowed in towns? It used to be only one town allowing murderers in... I assume there's no temp/perm skill lost any more either, or? Thanks for the answers, -Onkey
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