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  1. Possible selling new elven robe (shroud) Dm me offers.
  2. This has always been a huge issue with BoD's. I would love to see any improvement made for filling large or small bone bulk orders as well.
  3. Contracts; Acid Elemental Air Elementals Ancient Liches Ancient Wyrms Arctic Ogre Lords Balrons Blood Elementals Bone Knights Cyclops Daemons Deep Sea Serpents Drakes Dragons Dread Spiders Earth Elementals Elder Gazers Ettins Evil Mages Evil Mage Lords Fire Elementals Frost Spiders Frost Trolls Gazers Giant Black Widows Giant Spiders Greater Daemons Greater Elementals Greater Liches Greater Ogres Greater Skeletons Harpies Hell Hounds Ice Elementals Imps Juka Mages Juka Warriors Krakens Lava Lizards Liches Lich Lord
  4. Selling ageless deed 25m. DM me please
  5. Buying hybrid coins 1mil/1000 coins Buying runebook with greater mobs marked; ogres, skeles, liches, daemons, etc. DM me please
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