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  1. I will post my treasure hunting ideas another time. My hands got tired of typing.
  2. So it is no news to a lot of people whom may also be looking at these two forms of PvM and thinking "There is a lot of possible potential here". With seasonal events like Halloween bringing in tons of dungeon action for everyone all around, I think it is time to realize that when we improve PvM with it follows PVP. This means we should be looking at ways to bring the player base we have out from Brit bank and their houses and into the dungeons of the world. To do just that I give you this run down of an example I think would be great. - Fishing in dungeons There are a few areas in d
  3. Ahh okay thank you! Was hoping it was possible without pets lol
  4. Are these supposed to be multiplayer things you kill with groups or am I doing something wrong lol.
  5. Hey there Hybrid community. It has been nearly five years since the last time I played Hybrid. I stopped after I joined the military and since my life has calmed down. I started playing UO:R when I was 7 years old on AOL Legends server after my dad introduced me to the game. I am glad to be back again but I was wondering if there was an updated rune library anywhere. A lot has seemed to change with Hybrid and now with dungeon bosses and rifts I was wondering if there was a place I can go to mark some of these newer locations within the game. I have all the basics still on my tamer. Thanks in a
  6. West Brit Bank (Retribution) On a mare. Below
  7. Have another 3k to get rid of, selling them for 500k gold per 1k tokens!
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