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  1. I sold all the ones I had for like 2or 300k about a year ago
  2. Woolyjeffery

    donation coin

    I’ll give 7 m per
  3. Blinking all different color lantern discord woolyjeffery
  4. Woolyjeffery

    donation coin

    U get anymore message me on discord I’ll buy em all woolyjeffery
  5. 8m on my yew vendor
  6. Woolyjeffery


    buying deco , hybrid coins, halloween coins, lotto prizes that i dont have mediums and smalls
  7. looks like its only droppin one yard per time now i have one on my vendor
  8. until

    I sent u pictures
  9. Woolyjeffery


    That trick shot a bow or crossbow? And wats on it
  10. naw sorry about that there on there now had a busy day yesterday
  11. K I’ll throw them on my vendor at yew bank
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