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toxic vibes

Many rares

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Bloodstained armor pieces (gloves, gorget and leggings/bloody hue/newbied) 15m each.

Bloody doublet, kilt & fancy shirt - 18m each.

Pure White Kasa - 115m

Skeletal steed - 27m.

Lucky Llama ethy - 25m.

Vortex Llama ethy - 20m

Black Tarantural Spider ethy - 270m (OBO)

Polar Bear ethy - 7m

Kitchen Gloves - 12m

Kitchen Sandals - 20m

Kitchen hue crafted banadana - 10m

A Holy Spellbook - 45m

A hybrid spellbook - 25m

Tome of Divination - 20m

CBD Blessed Obi - 6m

Guiding My Way Through Dark Times Lantern - 14m

Princess Circlet - 11m

Boo! Boots - 5m

You Seeing This Shit? shades - 15m

Hunter Hue donation unique sandals and apron "Death Awaits You" pieces - 100m


feel free to offer if not too unrealistically different from the main price.

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